Who Is Vash In Star Trek?

Why are the Romulans evil?

The Romulans, of which the evil Nero was one, share ancestry with Vulcans, and they believed in the 2009 Star Trek that Spock had something to do with the destruction of their planet Romulus 129 years ago.

Really, he was trying to use “red matter” to make a black hole, destroy a menacing supernova, and save everyone..

Who is the Romulan woman in Picard?

Orla BradyIntroduced in season one Laris (portrayed by Orla Brady), a Romulan and a former member of the Tal Shiar, who now manages Picard’s vineyard and household.

What happened to Romulan spy in Picard?

The Romulan secret agent was last seen being dragged away by Soji’s brothers and sisters, pleading in vain for her to listen to him – something Soji won’t do again after he tortured and tried to kill her aboard the Artifact.

What is the Romulan secret?

The secret the Zhat Vash kill to protect could be that the Romulans are responsible for the creation of the Borg. Since their introduction into Star Trek, the Borg have been a plague, easily seen by all sentient races as the greatest threat to their continued existence.

What is wrong with Picard?

One of the story elements of “The Next Generation” epic series finale, “All Good Things” parts 1 & 2 (S07, E25) was that Picard had developed a degenerative neurological disorder called Irumodic syndrome.

Does Picard die in Picard?

Unfortunately, the confrontation overtaxed Picard, which combines with the defect in his parietal lobe to end the captain’s life. Jean-Luc Picard died in 2399 on the planet Coppelius, surrounded by the crew of the starship La Sirena.

How did Picard die?

Shortly after graduation, Picard was stabbed in the heart by a Nausicaan, leaving the organ irreparable and requiring replacement with a parthenogenetic implant; this would prove near-fatal later. Picard eventually served as first officer aboard the USS Stargazer, which he later commanded.

Is Kirk before Picard?

In the real world, Kirk was Star Trek’s Captain from The Original Series in 1966 onward until his death in Star Trek Generations, while Captain Picard was the star of the spinoff series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, starting in 1987.

Is Dr Crusher in Picard?

One of the most important people in the life of Jean-Luc Picard was absent from Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard. Yes, Data was Picard’s android bestie, but Dr. Beverly Crusher was on the shortlist of characters fans had expected to see by the end of Picard Season 1. She never appeared.

Why does Jean Luc Picard have a British accent?

1) They probably thought up the character Picard before they found an actor to portray him. … But somehow a British actor ended up in the role of French Captain Picard, so he spoke his lines in his UK English.

Is Wesley Crusher really Picard’s son?

And of course, Wesley is the son of Beverly Crusher, who has always been a romantic interest of Picard’s. Also, Picard served with Wesley’s father Jack Crusher until his death on the USS Stargazer, which was under the command of Jean Luc-Picard, and this tragedy is something that weighed heavily on Picard.

Why do Romulans hate androids?

It’s possible that, at some time, a group of Romulans encountered a synthetic race and were horrified at their inability to read them using telepathy. They would naturally consider synthetics to be “Other,” not truly alive, and thus would be disturbed by their mimicry of life.

Is Vulcan destroyed in Picard?

Using his space mining vessel, Narada, Nero created a singularity in Vulcan’s planetary core as part of his quest to avenge the destruction of Romulus that Spock failed to save. The resulting implosion destroyed Vulcan, killing most of its six billion inhabitants. Only around 10,000 managed to escape.

Why did Agnes kill Maddox on Picard?

Agnes was driven to kill Maddox because Commodore Oh showed her the terrible truth about synthetics that lies at the heart of the Zhat Vash’s belief system. … To Jurati, killing Maddox the way she plans to kill Soji is just “one more thing to atone for”.

What is Jamaharon Star Trek?

Jamaharon is a Risian rite of an undefined sexual nature. Many tourists on Risa seek jamaharon, which is indicated by the display of a horga’hn the Risian symbol for fertility and sexuality. ( TNG episode: “Captain’s Holiday”)

What is Vash vs Tal shiar?

As Laris mentions in “Maps and Legends,” the Tal Shiar are thought of as the Romulan secret police. … The Zhat Vash exists to protect a secret, and that secret has something to do with a deep-seated loathing of all synthetic life, which is why Romulan society doesn’t employ artificial intelligence or androids.

What disease does Picard have?

Will Jean-Luc have Irumodic Syndrome in Picard? “All Good Things” revealed Picard would be afflicted with the Alzheimer’s-like neurological disease in his later years. The malady caused him to suffer from memory loss and hallucinations, which often manifests as a gaggle of medieval peasants jeering and laughing at him.

What is the ZHAT Vash secret?

The Zhat Vash was an ancient and secret Romulan cabal of Tal Shiar operatives. According to Laris, it was thousands upon thousands of years old, and it supposedly predated the Tal Shiar, which she said functioned merely as a mask for the Zhat Vash.