What Is The Meaning Of Mon Ami?

What is mon amour?

Translation of “mon amour” in English.


honey my love my darling mon amour baby my dear my beloved sweetie my lover mi amor..

Is Adieu a French word?

Later reinfluenced by French adieu (“to God”).

How do I say my love?

my love / synonymsmy darling. phr. & n.my dear. phr. & n.sweetheart. n.darling. adj. & n.honey. n.my beloved. phr. & n.sweetie. n.my dearest. phr. & n.More items…

How do you express love in French?

5 ways to say ‘I love you’ in FrenchJe t’aime. This is the standard way to say ‘I love you’.Je t’adore. This phrase translates as ‘I adore you’.T’es l’amour de ma vie. This is used to express your heartfelt love for your other half and translates as ‘you’re the love of my life’.Je suis fou amoureux de toi. … Mon coeur bat la chamade pour toi.

What does Amoi mean in French?

My dealTranslation of «amoi» My deal. source. complain.

Is Frere masculine or feminine?

Family Vocabulary in FrenchMasculineFemininePluralLe beau-frère [step-brother]La belle-soeur {step-sister}Les beaux frères et soeurs [step-siblings]Le demi-frère [half-brother]La demi-soeur [half-sister]Les demi frères et soeurs [half-siblings]14 more rows

Is called in French?

s’appelleThe French translation for “is called” is s’appelle.

What is the difference between Mon Ami and Mon Amie?

They both mean ‘my friend’, with ‘ami’ referring to a male friend, and ‘amie’ referring to a female friend. Adding an ‘e’ at the back of a word usually signifies that it is feminine. Why both ‘mon’ then, you may ask.

How do you say mon ami in French?

To say “my friend” in French, it’s mon ami or mon amie.

What dies Touche mean?

—used to acknowledge a hit in fencing or the success or appropriateness of an argument, an accusation, or a witty point.

How do you call your lover in French?

1 – French Love NicknamesMon amour – my love.Mon ange – my angel.Mon trésor – my treasure.Mon coeur – my heart.Mon canard – my duck – yes, I know… … Mon chou – my sweet bun (un chou à la crème is a cream filled puff pastry) – “mon petit chou” is also quite common.Mon chouchou – comes from “mon chou”More items…•

Is Mon Amie correct?

Saying “my” when the following word begins with a vowel In the singular, the word for my is also mon if the following word is feminine and begins with a vowel. Thus, the French for “my female friend” is mon amie (not *ma amie).

What is mon frere?

English Translation. my brother.

Does Mon Amie mean girlfriend?

Is the following correct?: Mon ami – my male friend Mon amie – my female friend Mon copain – my male friend Ma copine – my female friend Mon petit ami – my boyfriend Mon petite amie – my girlfriend Does copain or copine have romantic connotations?

What does mercy buchu mean in French?

interjection French. thank you very much.