Quick Answer: Does Mercedes Have A Lifetime Warranty?

How long is Mercedes Benz warranty?

48-monthsNow Mercedes-Benz has your back.

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are protected by our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, covering defects in material or workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first..

Can Mercedes be serviced anywhere?

The answer is NO. You are permitted to take your car any place you would like to have it serviced and repaired. The Mercedes dealer would like you to believe that your local European repair facility doesn’t have the tools, correct diagnostic equipment, or skills to work on your vehicle.

Why are Mercedes oil changes so expensive?

Mercedes cars will usually have bigger oil capacities than a Toyota or Honda. Hence, you pay more for the Mercedes-specific motor oil, which is typically more costly than other branded motor oils. Mercedes has a reason for this. The larger oil volume means the cars can go longer between oil changes.

Is a Mercedes expensive to insure?

The average cost for insurance on a 2019 Mercedes-Benz is $2,349. … We also found a strong connection between the class of Mercedes vehicle and the cost of coverage: insurance for high-end S-Class vehicle costs 85% more, on average, than for an entry-level A-Class.

Are Mercedes expensive to fix?

An analysis of this data. Germany is on the top of most expensive car brands, with its luxury imports, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. BMW requires about $17,800 in 10 years, while Mercedes-Benz needs about $12,900. … In fact, Kia brand maintenance costs are 1.3 times the average.

How much does a Mercedes extended warranty cost?

Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty PricingTier 0 | Electric$2,150$3,600Tier 1 | A, GLB, CLA, GLA, C-Class, GLK, SLK$2,250$3,750Tier 2 | E-Class, M-Class, GL-CLass$2,450$4,000Tier 3 | S-Class, SL-Class, CLS, Diesel, R-Class$2,950$5,000Tier 4 | CL-Class, G-Class, AMG®$4,250$7,350

How often does a Mercedes need servicing?

every 12 monthsAs a general rule, we suggest you have your Mercedes serviced every 12 months, or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Every vehicle needs maintenance, so it’s important to develop a service schedule that you can stick to.

Is Mercedes service a necessary?

What is Mercedes-Benz A Service? ‘Service A’ is recommended for your Mercedes vehicle at 10,000 miles or at 1 year. After your initial Mercedes A Service, you should continue to schedule a ‘service A’ at every 20,000 mile-intervals thereafter.

Is it worth buying Mercedes extended warranty?

The answer depends on you and your vehicle. If your Mercedes is still under warranty and you want to have continued coverage, then getting the extended warranty can make sense. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive, however, a third-party option might be the better choice.

How do I know if my Mercedes is still under warranty?

Contact Dealership If you cannot find the VIN number, the only real way to check your vehicle’s factory warranty is to call or visit your local dealership. They will need the VIN number to look up the information but can tell you for sure what is and is not covered if anything at all.

What is the best extended warranty for Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes Extended Warranty: Coverage, Cost & Our TakeBest ProviderBest for High-Mileage CarsMost AffordableEnduranceCARCHEXCarShieldEditor’s Rating:Editor’s Rating:Editor’s Rating:9.6 / 10.09.4 / 10.09.0 / 10.0Get QuoteGet QuoteGet Quote3 more rows

Can I buy extended warranty later?

An extended car warranty is repair coverage that kicks in after the typical manufacturer auto warranty has expired. … You can even purchase an extended warranty after the manufacturer warranty expires, although the price will go up considerably.

Are brakes covered under Mercedes warranty?

Mercedes-Benz Factory Warranty All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles are covered by the New Vehicle Limited Mercedes Warranty. … However, the factory warranty does not cover items such as wheel alignment, tire balance, brake pads or disks, vehicle glass, wiper blades, or key fob batteries.

How much is Mercedes Service A?

The types of maintenance needed are the same for every Mercedes-Benz model, although the cost of Mercedes-Benz Service A varies depending on the vehicle you drive; at Mercedes-Benz of Henderson, the price of Mercedes-Benz Service A starts at around $250, but we recommend you speak with one of our team members to get a …

Does Mercedes have free maintenance?

Some automakers, like BMW, offer free maintenance coverage for the first couple of years. Mercedes isn’t one of these brands. However, the company does offer a prepaid maintenance program that can cover regular services up to 110,000 miles. … Plus, it’s good to remember that prepaid maintenance is just that: maintenance.

What is included in Mercedes warranty?

If you purchased a new Mercedes-Benz, you are fully covered under the new vehicle limited warranty. This warranty protects you from material and workmanship defects for 50,000 miles or 48-months, whichever comes first. … Additionally, only authentic Mercedes-Benz parts are used for replacement.

How long does factory warranty last?

about three yearsThe Manufacturer’s Promise Essentially, an auto warranty is a promise given by the manufacturer or dealer to cover various defects and repairs over an allotted amount of time and/or certain amount of mileage on the car. In general, a basic warranty will last about three years or 36,000 miles.

Is 100k miles alot for a Mercedes?

Mercedes = very expensive to repair and maintain. Over 100,000 miles even worse. Also it depends on the price of the car and the depth of your wallet. … Owned many Mercedes.. the only models over 100K are the S class, SL and CL series and they all hold their resale values extremely well.